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Because We Are Victorian And Proud Of It

19 February 2017

The Andrews Labor Government today released a multicultural policy to build on Victoria’s proud immigrant history and reaffirm the shared values that make us a stronger, safer and more harmonious community.

Premier Daniel Andrews, Deputy Premier James Merlino, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott and Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton joined community leaders at Punt Road Oval to launch Victorian. And proud of it.

It includes a series of initiatives to encourage Victorians – from all walks of life, all circumstances and all cultural backgrounds – to contribute and belong.

It is underpinned by the Victorian Values Statement, which articulates the values all Victorians should live by – one law for all, freedom to be yourself, discrimination is never acceptable, a fair go for all and that it is up to all of us to contribute.

Victorians are encouraged to read the stories of their fellow citizens on Link and share their own.

To achieve a strong and cohesive Victoria, the Labor Government will:

  • Ensure every Victorian knows their responsibilities and rights under the law through a $2.3 million awareness program
  • Promote civil dialogue among Victorians and strengthen supportive social networks through a Right to Debate initiative
  • Help young people avoid being manipulated and drawn to extremism by way of a Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship program
  • Reduce discrimination with the delivery of a $1 million Anti-Racism Action Plan

A print and broadcast advertising campaign around Victorian. And proud of it. will also begin today.

Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

“We are stronger for our diversity – but that doesn't mean it's always easy. In the face of extremism and fear, we need to reaffirm what is most important to us."

“Being a Victorian isn’t just about where you live. It’s about contribution and belonging.”

Quote attributable to Deputy Premier James Merlino

“As a child of a migrant this is my family’s story – we are proud to have been an integral part of building this country.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott

“To build a strong and fair society takes work, but we all deserve to enjoy the benefits of a dynamic and diverse Victoria.”

“We all have something to contribute. To foster everyone’s sense of belonging, so they feel pride in their home and their state, is one of the most important things government can do.”

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