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Banning Fracking, Protecting Farmers And Supporting Jobs

21 December 2018

Work to enshrine the Andrews Labor Government’s historic ban on fracking in the Constitution of Victoria has begun.

Minister for Agriculture and Resources Jaclyn Symes visited farmers in Gippsland today to discuss the next steps in the permanent ban on fracking – which will protect Victoria’s prime agricultural land and the farmers and communities that rely on it.

Victoria’s agricultural sector exports $14 billion in food and fibre products each year and employs over 190,000 people.

The success of this industry depends on Victoria’s reputation for producing some of the cleanest and greenest food and fibre in the world – a reputation that would be under threat if the Liberals and Nationals got back into power and overturned the Labor Government’s ban. That’s why enshrining the ban in the Constitution is so important.

Allowing fracking would also jeopardise large sections of the state’s tourism industry, which together with agriculture are worth around $38 billion a year in Victoria.

To boost business and promote our frack-free state, the Labor Government will provide $1 million for export focused marketing activities, to promote our clean and green food and fibre sector to the world.

This investment will fund a number of Minister-led inbound and outbound trade missions, bringing leaders from agriculture, food processing and government together with major purchasers of agricultural exports.

The campaign will kick off next year, capitalising on the Global Table event in Victoria in 2019. Global Table will be the largest food business event ever staged in Australia, with more than 5,000 participants.

It will involve a series of internationally-focused business events that will promote Victoria as the destination for investors and traders to connect with business leaders from across the globe.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture and Resources Jaclyn Symes

“The Liberals and Nationals don’t believe in our fracking ban and will overturn it as soon as they get the chance – that’s why enshrining it in the constitution is so important.”

“Farmers and regional communities have spoken loud and clear – they want fracking banned forever and for good, and only Labor will deliver.”

“Victoria can’t afford fracking and the impact it would have on our vital agriculture and tourism sectors – which support businesses, jobs and communitiebxs across regional Victoria.”

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