Acquisition Overlay Removed To Give Local Residents Certainty

04 September 2015

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has today removed the acquisition overlay over properties along the route of the failed East West Link project, giving local residents certainty about their homes.

The decision revokes the planning approvals which allowed the previous Liberal Government to buy up 102 properties for a road which lost taxpayers 55 cents in every dollar invested.

Minister for Planning and Member for Richmond Richard Wynne campaigned heavily against the project and said he was proud to remove the overlay and deliver on a promise he made to his local constituents.

Anyone wanting to buy or sell properties in the overlay area will no longer be burdened with the uncertainty the overlay caused and owners now have peace of mind.

Mr Wynne said the Andrews Labor Government had worked one-on-one with affected landowners, providing assurance throughout a difficult and complex process to remove the overlay.

A section of the overlay which applied to Royal Park will be removed subject to sign off from Heritage Victoria, as the park is under their jurisdiction due to heritage listing.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Planning Richard Wynne

"Residents around parts of the inner north have been worried and anxious about losing their home to a road which was poorly planned and didn't stack up economically.”

“Locals will now have certainty about their homes, allowing them to live in our great communities and plan for the future.”

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