272,000 New Jobs And Counting

14 September 2017

Three times the number of jobs have been created in Victoria under the Andrews Labor Government compared to the entire term of the previous Coalition Government, Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) data confirmed today.

Since November 2014, Victoria’s employment has increased by 272,600 people or 9.4 per cent, the highest growth in Australia in both percentage and absolute terms.

Of these jobs, 178,000 are full time.

During the previous Coalition Government's term, only 94,000 jobs were created including just 26,000 full-time ones.

Over the year to August 2017, Victoria’s employment rose by 95,500 people (+3.1 per cent), again the largest increase in absolute terms of all the states.

During August alone, Victoria’s employment rose by 18,600 people, almost a third of all the jobs created across the nation.

Victoria's participation rate also increased to 66.3 per cent in August 2017, setting a new high.

The participation rate is a direct reflection of confidence in the labour market as more people enter the market, optimistic about their job prospects.

Over the year to August, Victoria’s 95,500 new jobs were driven by both full-time (66,800 persons or +3.2 per cent) and part-time employment growth (28,600 persons or +2.9 per cent).

Victoria’s female participation rate has also continued to increase over the year (1.8 percentage points to August) to reach a new record high of 60.7 per cent.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“Since the election of the Labor Government, Victoria has bucked the national trend on jobs, thanks to our strong investments in infrastructure, whether it’s the Metro Tunnel or the removal of dangerous level crossings.”

"More jobs for Victorians means more money in people’s pockets and less people out of work. This is about putting people first and ensuring that we are working hard to create the jobs and infrastructure needed.”

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