Shaping The Future Of West Melbourne

01 May 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is ensuring new protections are in place to ensure West Melbourne continues to be a thriving community with better access to open spaces, employment opportunities, housing and services.

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne today approved the new West Melbourne Structure Plan and new planning controls to guide the area’s future sustainable development.

On the doorstep of the city, West Melbourne is home to a strong and established community, with a diverse mix of housing, warehouses and businesses, and a rich cultural and architectural heritage.

The Structure Plan has been informed by extensive community consultation, delivering certainty and guidance to manage future sustainable growth in West Melbourne – acknowledging the area’s distinct character and business mix while unlocking open space.

The Plan recognises five precincts in West Melbourne, each with a different character and set of planning provisions: Adderley, Flagstaff, Spencer, Station and Historic Hilltop.

The individual precincts have unique planning controls ensuring future development in each area is appropriate and consistent with the local amenity and character.

Future design and development in West Melbourne will provide greater consideration to accessibility, ensuring Victorians of all ability will be able to safely enjoy and move around the area.

In addition, the retention and reuse of historic buildings is encouraged under the plan, ensuring West Melbourne’s unique character and appeal will remain.

A genuine mix of uses for businesses and residents will be supported through rezoning, with provisions that encourage the development of more affordable housing.

The plan is consistent with Plan Melbourne, by delivering a 20-minute neighbourhood for the West Melbourne community, with greater access to transport, open space, accommodation and significant employers including the CBD and Melbourne’s bio-medical and research institutions.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Planning Richard Wynne

“We’re ensuring West Melbourne will thrive into the future, with better amenity for the community and space for businesses to grow.”

“West Melbourne is perfectly located on the doorsteps of the city and our leading bio-medical and research institutions, connecting the community employment hubs and world class infrastructure.”

Reviewed 01 May 2022

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