Scomo’s Sandbagging Tour Of Victoria Continues

Scott Morrison’s eleventh-hour level crossing promise is a desperate stunt that exposes how worried the Federal Liberals are about the seats of Kooyong and Higgins.

They have had six years to get this done and they’ve ignored it — instead spending millions of Victorian taxpayer’s money on massive transport projects in Sydney.

Now they’re trying to trick Victorians that they actually care about removing level crossings.

The Liberal commitment is so rushed that they have barely promised enough money for a rail bridge, despite claiming they would put the rail line under the road, which would cost around $100 million more and cause massive disruption, with passengers on replacement buses for months.

The Andrews Labor Government has invested more in removing dangerous level crossings than any government in Victoria’s history — and unlike the Liberals, we’re delivering and we know what it takes to get it done.

The Labor Government has removed 29 level crossings and is getting on with removing 75 level crossings by 2025, including Toorak Road in Kooyong — a major bottleneck for tens of thousands of Victorians every day.

Between now and 2022, the Labor Government will invest $42.5 billion on infrastructure in Victoria including $14 billion on level crossings, a stark contrast to the Morrison minority government that will only spend less than $5 billion on infrastructure.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan

“This is an eleventh-hour stunt that shows how desperate they are to hold on to Kooyong and Higgins.”

“The Liberals need to come clean — have they massively underfunded this desperate election eve promise, or are they building skyrail in Kooyong.”

”Victoria’s needs a fair share of infrastructure funding, and a fair dinkum partner in Canberra, not stunts like this.”