School’s Back So Slow Down And Save Lives

28 January 2020

As thousands of children return to the classroom this week, the Andrews Labor Government is reminding drivers to take extra care around schools and keep kids safe.

Minister for Roads, Road Safety and the TAC Jaala Pulford today visited St Patrick’s Primary School in Wangaratta to meet with children ahead of their return to school and remind drivers to take extra care and slow down to the school zone speed limit.

Speed limits around schools will now drop to either 40km/h or 60km/h in the mornings from 8am to 9.30am and afternoons from 2.30pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

As children begin a new school year, parents and carers are urged to be extra vigilant during drop-off and pick up times, obey parking restrictions, keep clear of school crossings and ensure children are fitted with age appropriate car restraints.

Young children can be unpredictable, fast and difficult to see, and a small reduction in speed can dramatically increase the chance of a child surviving being hit by a car.

The Labor Government is also delivering safety improvements around schools across the state as part of the $5 million School Area Safety Fund and $18.9 million School Crossing Supervisor Program.

These programs have made it safer for children to get to and from school around Victoria by funding projects including flashing electronic speed signs, pedestrian crossing signals and new school crossing supervisors.

There are 3000 supervised school crossing sites across Victoria who not only help kids cross the road, but also act as safety ambassadors to the wider community on how to be safe around schools.

Term 1 school speed zones will be in place from Tuesday 28 January to Friday 27 March.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Minister for Road Safety and the TAC Jaala Pulford

“Keeping children safe is everybody’s responsibility, so slow down and be alert because even a small reduction in speed can dramatically increase the chance of a child surviving being hit by a car.”

“The school pick-up and drop-off are naturally full of distractions and we know taking your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, results in slower reaction times so we’re asking drivers to pay extra attention.”

Reviewed 28 June 2020

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