Repairing Flood Damaged Roads In Gippsland

20 March 2024

Works are underway to repair flood-damaged roads across Gippsland as part of an emergency blitz jointly funded by the Allan and Albanese Governments.

In the wake of floods and extreme rainfall which have lashed the state since Christmas, Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne said a $99.5 million rebuild and recovery package includes large-scale, long-term repairs for Victoria’s most badly-damaged roads, including those in the Gippsland region.

Works are already underway on the South Gippsland Highway east of the Grassy Spur, where a section of the road between Falls Road and Carmichaels Road will be resurfaced and resealed to improve its durability, lifespan and safety for local residents, freight operators, and tourists.

Other roads set to undergo repairs across Gippsland include the Hyland Highway, Grand Ridge Road and Bengworden Road.

Works to be delivered under the package include fully rebuilding some of the most badly-damaged sections of road, major asphalting, landslip stabilisation, repairs to damaged structures and road shoulders, clearing of roadside drains and culverts and replacing signs, safety barriers and other important roadside assets.

Crews will also carry out additional roadside mowing and slashing to reduce the risk of bushfires posed by unseasonal accelerated growth.

Four separate flood events have hit Victoria since Christmas, forcing the closure of more than 100 of the state’s arterial roads at their peak.

Since then, additional resources have been deployed across the state to deliver short-term emergency repairs and get all of these roads re-opened.

Funding for these emergency road repairs comes on top of the Allan Labor Government’s $770 million investment to deliver other major road maintenance works across Victoria as part of an unprecedented $6.6 billion, 10-year investment.

Quote attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne

“Continuing Victoria’s road to recovery after these recent flood events is our number one priority, and we’ll deliver these large-scale repairs as quickly and safely as we can.”

Quote attributable to Member for Eastern Victoria Tom McIntosh.

“We’re getting on with repairing our roads and ensuring freight, tourists and members of our local communities in Gippsland can continue travelling safely.”

Reviewed 20 March 2024

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