Putting Climate Change Action On The National Agenda

The Andrews Labor Government has put climate change back on the national agenda, announcing a special Agricultural Ministers’ forum to take place in August this year.

Minister for Agriculture Jacyln Symes welcomed the decision by State and Federal Agriculture Ministers to start a national consultation process on agriculture and climate change, initiated by the former Victorian Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford.

Victoria pushed for an additional Agriculture Ministers Forum to be held in August so that the final report can be considered and specific actions to assist farmers adapt to climate change and manage emissions can be managed.

At today’s forum in Adelaide, agriculture ministers’ received a progress report on work conducted to date and committed to a Ministerial Forum in August to coordinate policies and programs that address the risks climate change pose to the agriculture sector.

The next stage will be to identify options and approaches for coordinated support to help the agriculture sector adapt to climate change and manage emissions.

This will be informed by consultation with farmers and peak farmer lobby organisations and research and development groups in coming months across Australia and work with State and Federal agriculture departments.

The Labor Government also raised the issue of the charitable status of animal rights extremist group Aussie Farms with the Commonwealth.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes

“It was the Labor Government that put climate change on the national Agricultural Ministers’ agenda last year when some Nationals continued to deny its existence – only Labor will take the decisive action we need to respond to the challenges posed by climate change.”

“Many farmers as well as food and fibre businesses are already responding to the impacts of climate change, but we need collective action with every State and Territory working together.”

“Farmers are dealing with extreme weather conditions – both drought and flood right across the country and it is our responsibility to as leaders to work together to support our farmers prepare for and manage the affects of climate change.”