Protecting Victoria’s Unique Biodiversity

01 November 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is investing in projects to boost populations of threatened wildlife and safeguard Victoria’s unique biodiversity.

Minister for the Environment and Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio today announced that almost $14 million has been allocated for a range of programs that will help protect our natural environment.

Over $10 million of the funding will be allocated to a series of large-scale conservation projects to reduce the impact of pests, predators and invasive weeds at key locations across Victoria to protect and enhance habitat for native and threatened species.

The projects span from Victoria’s far north-west, the Grampians, Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula and benefit a range of threatened species including the Long-footed Potoroo, southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby, Giant Burrowing Frog and the Eastern Bristlebird

Funding for Victoria’s Icon Species Program has also been extended for another year, with $773,000 to fund conservation efforts for species including the southern bent-wing bat, the orange-bellied parrot, southern right whale and the plains wanderer.

To date, the Icon Species Program has supported 19 species through a range of activities like habitat protection, translocation and predator control.

To safeguard the future of the platypus, a threatened species listed as vulnerable in Victoria, $160,000 will be allocated to build two refuge habitats for platypus conservation in the Mitchell River near Lindenow, East Gippsland and the Merri River in Warrnambool.

The Labor Government has also announced the recipients of the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants, and a total of $191,000 has been awarded to 87 wildlife shelter operators and foster carers across Victoria, to ensure sick, injured and orphaned wildlife get the care they need.

The funding will go towards a range of expenses such as new wildlife enclosures, rescue equipment, vet fees and medical supplies and further training.

These grants invest in protecting Victoria’s unique and wonderful native wildlife, by supporting the dedicated efforts of wildlife carers.

This funding is part of Biodiversity 2037 and Victoria’s largest ever long-term investment towards the environment, with over $560 million towards protecting our biodiversity since 2014.

Quotes attributable to Minister for the Environment and Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio

“We are committed to protecting Victoria’s most threatened species and ensuring they have a bright future in our changing climate.”

“These projects are part of that commitment to improve biodiversity and will help us deliver our ambitious environmental agenda – to ensure Victoria’s environment is healthy, valued and protected for years to come.”

Reviewed 31 October 2022

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