Proposed Liquor Fee Changes To Better Reflect Risk Of Harm

01 May 2023

New liquor licence fees which would see some small businesses save more money each year are being proposed to reduce risk to the community from alcohol-related harm.

Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Melissa Horne opened up consultation on the proposed changes, which would be fairer for licensees, have a positive impact on small businesses and encourage existing licensees to reduce their risk to patrons.

The new fee model is a win for smaller, lower-risk businesses that will see a decrease to their fees, while fees for larger higher-risk businesses will increase to better reflect the harms that are associated with big late-night venues.

The proposed model uses risk of alcohol-related harm to determine the cost of new liquor licence application and renewal fees. The risk of harm will be determined by the licensee’s operating hours, venue size, compliance history and the activities that are authorised under a licence.

This means larger venues that operate late at night which present higher risks to the community may see application fees increase, while a small venue which closes early and has a comparably lower risk profile may have a fee reduction.

This risk-based model aims to help reduce the administrative costs for small businesses while also decreasing alcohol-related harm in areas where there is a higher density of liquor licences.

The proposed changes also introduce new minimum standards for security cameras in licenced premises, ensuring high-risk licensees have modern camera technology installed to deter crime and alcohol-related violence, as well as support police investigations.

Public consultation on the proposed model is open for submissions until 26 May. To have your say, visit Link .

Quotes attributable to Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Melissa Horne

“We’re pleased to be making fees fairer for small businesses, as well as making venues safer for everyone.”

“We welcome all feedback on the proposed fee model and look forward to delivering changes that best reflect community safety.”

Reviewed 04 May 2023

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