Planning For A Bright Future In Williamstown

25 February 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is planning for the future of one of Melbourne's most iconic and historic areas, the Williamstown Maritime Precinct, releasing a comprehensive framework plan.

Released today, the Williamstown Maritime Precinct Framework focuses on the area's maritime environment and providing a clear direction for the future.

The Department of Transport delivered the Framework following a $200,000 investment to inform future planning for the area

This report has been concurrently developed with the Hobsons Bay City Council and community groups to ensure Williamstown's strong economic and environmental future.

Six initiatives are highlighted in the Framework to ensure a thriving Williamstown, including proposed changes for better pedestrian, and cycling foreshore paths, boat maintenance facilities, improved car parking and connectivity between waterfront sites. Implementation of the Framework is already underway.

A Wave Surge study undertaken to understand potential causes and effects of waves in the precinct has recommended further consideration of vessel operations, together with more information and education for vessel owners.

Extensive engagement was undertaken to develop this report – working with residents, businesses, industry, traditional owners, government agencies and visitors. As a result, more than 200 responses to public surveys and online sessions were received for the Framework.

The Williamstown Maritime Precinct is a significant area of employment and recreation in Port Phillip Bay, and the Framework will guide future investment and planning decisions for the area.

One of the first actions from the framework plan is the investment of $100,000 through the Local Ports Program for further detailed inspections of piers located in the precinct to support commercial activities and tourism.

The report complements the Sustainable Local Ports Framework highlighting the region's commercial and recreational significance.

More information on the plans can be found on the Department of Transport websiteExternal Link .

Quotes attributable to Minister for Ports and Freight and Member for Williamstown Melissa Horne

"Williamstown Maritime Precinct is one of Melbourne's most iconic destinations, and this framework helps craft the continued growth of the vibrant culture and heritage of Williamstown – ensuring future generations can enjoy and celebrate the area."

"We're working to ensure a prosperous future for recreational and commercial operators in this beloved area of Melbourne."

Reviewed 25 February 2022

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