Offshore Acreage Released Near Gippsland

24 March 2016

The Victorian Government is releasing offshore acreage in state waters to investigate opportunities for storing greenhouse gas emissions safely in deep rock formations off the Gippsland coast, between Seaspray and Loch Sport.

Applications are open for tender for a Greenhouse Gas Assessment Permit to evaluate the viability of using carbon capture and storage technology in this location offshore.

This permit allows for only non-intrusive activities, such as underwater mapping, to assess the suitability of undersea rock formations for storing greenhouse gases, typically carbon.

Applications to undertake exploration activities must be accompanied by an environment plan, which assesses environmental, social, economic and cultural matters.

If it is found that the offshore area is suitable for greenhouse gas injection and storage, the permit holder would then have to submit a separate application for a Greenhouse Gas Injection Licence.

The Victorian Government regulates all aspects of greenhouse gas capture and storage activity within Victorian waters to ensure it is safe, open and transparent and does not adversely impact the environment or community.

Quote attributable to Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio

“The Federal Government released offshore acreage in adjoining Commonwealth waters in May last year to allow investigation into the potential for greenhouse gas emission storage. The state government release finishes this process.”

“This permit is for exploration only. If the offshore location is found suitable for storing greenhouse gas emissions, then the permit holder must submit a separate licence application for assessment.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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