North Richmond Community Health Review

24 October 2019

The allegations against staff employed at the North Richmond Health Service are extremely serious.

An independent review will immediately be undertaken to find out whether North Richmond Community Health failed to prevent alleged criminal activity by its staff.

This review will be undertaken by Dr Joanna Flynn, current Berry St Board President and former Chair of the Board at Eastern Health. Aspex will assist Dr Flynn with her review.

The review will be completed as swiftly and quickly as possible and will be submitted to the Minister for Mental Health.

While this occurs, the board has stood down the North Richmond Community Health CEO – and this decision has the full support of the Victorian Government.

The interim CEO will be Adam Horsburgh, who is currently the Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of Melbourne Health.

The medically supervised injecting room trial is about keeping Victorians safe and saving lives – and that’s what the evidence shows it is doing.

Since it opened more than 12 months ago, staff in the facility have safely managed more than 1,800 overdoses, many of which may have been fatal or resulted in serious injury if they had happened outside the MSIR.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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