New Victorian Youth Congress Members Announced

27 February 2023

The Andrews Labor Government is ensuring young people’s voices are heard when it comes to government decision making.

Minister for Youth Natalie Suleyman announced that 20 young Victorians have been appointed to the 2023 Victorian Youth Congress. They will work alongside government to ensure a youth perspective is embedded in the policies and decisions that affect Victoria’s young people.

The Victorian Youth Congress is an advisory body made up of diverse young people across metropolitan and regional Victoria aged from 12 and 25 who want to share their lived experiences and create meaningful change.

A total of 197 applications were received with 10 new Congress members selected to join the 10 returning congress members who will enter a second year.

Young Victorians from all backgrounds were encouraged to apply for the program where successful members are appointed for a one-year term before having the option to extend for a second year.

During their time in Congress, members will have the opportunity to learn about how government works and engage with the Minister for Youth, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and members of Parliament.

The 2023 Victorian Youth Congress continues to drive the implementation of initiatives under the Andrews Labor Government’s five-year Youth Strategy – Our promise, Your future.

The Victorian Youth Strategy, launched in August 2022, aims to improve the health, wellbeing and future of all young Victorians and to ensure young people’s voices are heard. Congress has been involved in bringing the strategy to life by working closely with government.

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Quotes attributable to Minister for Youth Natalie Suleyman

“I’m looking forward to working alongside this year’s inspiring Victorian Youth Congress members to effect change on the issues most important to young people.”

”On behalf of the Government, I’d like to thank all outgoing Congress members for their substantial contributions to Victoria’s Youth Strategy.”

Quote attributable to Youth Congress Member Nathaniel Diong

“As a young person it’s so easy to think that we’re not good enough, smart enough or innovative enough to change the world. But the truth is young people have endless creativity, energy and the resilience to turn simple ideas into companies that change the world.”

Quote attributable to Youth Congress Member Jiawen Liu

“I am motivated by my values of integrity, equity and social justice as well as by my ethos to actively include the voices and narratives of those who have been historically silenced.”

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