New Tram Stop To Connect To Metro Tunnel At Parkville

05 December 2023

Another milestone has been reached on the Allan Labor Government’s Metro Tunnel project, with the opening of a new level access tram stop on the doorstep of the future Parkville Station – improving access to Parkville’s world-class health, research and education precinct.

The new level access tram stop will allow people to switch easily from tram services to the train network at Parkville when the Metro Tunnel opens to passengers a year ahead of schedule.

Crews worked around-the-clock for nine days to build new raised tram platforms on both sides of the tram tracks, install underground services and new traffic signals and reinstate the tram line on Royal Parade and Elizabeth Street, near the corner of Grattan Street.

The tram stop includes shelters and raised platforms to provide level-access boarding for low-floor trams and will include passenger information displays, footpaths and crossing in early 2024 and footpaths and crossings.

Parkville Station will provide a direct train connection to Melbourne’s world-class health and education precinct for the first time, making the commute easier for the thousands of healthcare workers, students, patients and families.

The station will include a pedestrian underpass beneath Royal Parade linking Parkville Station and the University of Melbourne to the hospitals, allowing people to cross the road without waiting for traffic.

Deep below Grattan Street the new station is taking shape, with lifts, escalators, security systems and CCTV installed, along with platform screen doors, seating and passenger information displays.

The Metro Tunnel Project will connect the busy Sunbury and Cranbourne/Pakenham lines via the new tunnel, creating an end-to-end rail line from the north-west to the south-east, freeing up space in the City Loop to run more trains across the city and suburbs and connecting Victorians to jobs, health, education and each other.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Transport Infrastructure Danny Pearson

“The new Parkville Station isn’t just a world-class train station, it will be a game-changer for the thousands of medical staff and other workers, students, patients and families who travel to Parkville every day.”

“Every new piece of infrastructure on the project is another step towards transforming Melbourne’s rail network with the opening of the Metro Tunnel a year ahead of schedule.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Public and Active Transport Gabrielle Williams

“This new tram stop will seamlessly link tram services with the Metro Tunnel, providing new and improved connections to Parkville’s university and hospitals by public transport.”

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