New Tenancy Customer Charter For The Port Of Melbourne

04 November 2021

The Andrews Labor Government today welcomed the release of the Port of Melbourne (PoM) Tenancy Customer Charter, which will improve rent pricing clarity, delivering lasting benefits to the port, tenants, and Victorians.

Shaped with engagement from the Government, tenants and the port industry, the PoM Tenancy Customer Charter has been designed to address the recommendations from the Essential Services Commission (ESC), which were outlined in their Port of Melbourne Market Rent Inquiry report in August 2020.

The Charter explains the rights and responsibilities of the PoM, tenants, and prospective tenants, as well as detailing the processes that apply to lease negotiations and agreements.

It will apply to both new leases and existing leases, which were negotiated and entered into after the port was privatised.

The ESC is tasked with resolving disputes in relation to compliance with the new Charter and as part of the next review of land rents in 2025, will assess the impact of the Charter against its recommendations.

The new Charter will help maintain clarity around pricing at the port, protecting the state’s economy.

For more information or to view the Charter, visit

Quote attributable to Assistant Treasurer Danny Pearson

“This new Charter will boost transparency around port pricing, creating a fairer system for the Port of Melbourne operator, tenants and all Victorians.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Ports and Freight, Melissa Horne

“I thank the Port of Melbourne operator and tenants for their contributions and engagement during this process. This will deliver greater efficiencies and growth at the Port of Melbourne and protect the rights of tenants and consumers.”

Quote attributable to Port of Melbourne CEO Brendan Bourke

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Government in developing the Charter and welcome the role the Charter will play in further aligning the interests of tenants, the port industry and the Victorian Government to grow the port.”

Reviewed 03 November 2021

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