New Question For Silent Guy: Who Is Paying For The Liberals’ “Full Campaign Mode”?

10 August 2022

Another day, another scandal for the embattled Leader of the Opposition.

Yesterday, with Matthew Guy in hiding, Shadow Health Minister and leadership aspirant Georgie Crozier declared that the Liberals are “in full campaign mode”.

Mr Guy now has another question to add to the long list he’s avoiding answering: why should taxpayers fund the Liberals’ “full campaign mode”, three-and-a-half months before the 26 November state election?

When asked about the resignation of the Liberals’ media director, Ms Crozier said:

“Um, well, we are now in full campaign mode. The election is just a few months away and there is a very hungry young team in Matthew’s office.” – Media Conference, 10 August 2022

Ms Crozier also made it clear that Opposition staff have quit due to the workload associated with the Liberal Opposition being in “full campaign mode”.

Opposition staff are funded by the taxpayer. Matthew Guy needs to immediately come clean about whether his staff are “in full campaign mode” during work hours and at taxpayer expense.

Matthew Guy has lost his two most senior staff members following the Liberals’ donation rorts scandal, while consistently refusing to answer questions about what deal he had done with his former Chief of Staff to arrange for a Liberal donor to top up his salary by more than $100,000.

This matter has been referred to integrity and anti-corruption bodies, including IBAC, Victoria Police and the Victorian Electoral Commission.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson

“If Liberal staff are ‘in full campaign mode’ as Ms Crozier said, why should taxpayers foot the bill?”

“Matthew Guy wants to lead our state – but if you want the top job, you can’t go missing when it gets tough. After 10 days in hiding, it’s long past time for Mr Guy to answer this and every other question about his donation rort.”

Reviewed 10 August 2022

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