A New Lease On Public Housing

29 August 2020

High rise public housing tenants at greatest risk from coronavirus will be offered private rental properties as part the Victorian Government’s ongoing efforts to keep them safe and supported throughout the pandemic.

Up to 420 private rental properties will be leased for two years and offered to high rise estate tenants at greater risk due to coronavirus.

The $31.7 million Tower Relocation Program will significantly reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission and open up much needed social housing supply for Victorians on the Victorian Housing register.

The voluntary initiative will support public housing tenants living in larger households where the risk of coronavirus transmission is higher, or households with medical issues who are more at risk to coronavirus.

The Tower Relocation Program is voluntary and tenants can choose whether they wish to relocate. Eligible households will be contacted directly to discuss the options available under the program.

The initiative is supported by the Chief Health Officer as an additional preventative measure to help slow the spread of coronavirus and will operate alongside other specific accommodation options and health support for tenants.

This program builds on protection measures already implemented in high-rise public housing towers throughout the coronavirus pandemic to keep tenants safe.

These measures include increased cleaning and sanitisation of common areas and touch points, hand sanitiser being made available throughout all towers and information available in a variety of languages on how to slow the spread of coronavirus and stay safe.

All tenants will continue to have access to long term public housing, with other suitable long-term options available for households at the end of the two year program period.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Housing Richard Wynne

“Relocating large families and residents with health issues who wish to move will reduce the risk coronavirus poses to these households.”

“It’s part of our ongoing work to keep high-rise public housing tenants safe and supported during the pandemic.”

Reviewed 29 August 2020

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