New Junior And Senior Cards To Inspire Love Of Fishing

01 April 2021

Junior and senior fishers now have new gear to boost their fishing passion, with the introduction of free Recreational Fishing cards.

Minister for Fishing and Boating Melissa Horne said the cards will inspire stewardship and a connection to recreational fishing for people not required to hold a fishing licence.

Public consultation regarding the new cards was overwhelmingly positive and the Victorian Fisheries Authority is making the new cards available from today.

The cards complement work being done through a range of projects as part of the government’s $35 million investment to get more people fishing, more often, in more places.

The feedback received through consultation indicated fishers who do not require a licence, juniors and seniors, still wanted a sense of belonging to the fishing community and felt cards would give them that.

The new fishing cards are now available online through Service Victoria and a new one will be produced each year, appealing to those who like collecting.

People under the age of 18, over 70, and holders of Seniors Cards are exempt from the need to purchase a Recreational Fishing Licence in Victoria.

The new Recreational Fishing Cards are not funded by the sale of recreational fishing licences. Money from licence sales will continue to be put to work improving fishing across Victoria through grant programs, fish production at Fisheries’ Snobs Creek hatchery, better access and facilities, and extra Fisheries Officers.

To find out more about the free Recreational Fishing Cards, including how to get one, visit Link

Quotes attributable to Minister for Fishing and Boating Melissa Horne

These new cards will inspire the next generation’s love of fishing and promote a sense of continued belonging amongst those who have been fishing for years.”

“The cards are free and will feature a new design each year, doubling as a collectable to keep in a wallet or put on display at home alongside a photo of your prize catch.”

Reviewed 01 April 2021

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