New Certificates For Year 9 Learning Growth And Achievement

04 March 2020

In an Australian first, the learning growth of Year 9 students in Victoria and their success in NAPLAN testing will be properly recognised, with the introduction of Year 9 Certificates of Achievement.

Minister for Education James Merlino today announced that certificates will be awarded to Year 9 students who excel in NAPLAN or significantly improve their results, to recognise excellence and keep students engaged.

The introduction of these new certificates is a game-changer – for the first time giving equal importance to student learning gain, as well as the level of learning achieved. This reflects the advice of many education experts who argue that student growth in learning is the most important measure of success.

Year 9 students will receive a certificate for achieving a result in Reading and/or Numeracy that places them in the very top band of NAPLAN, as well as certificates for those who significantly improve on their Year 7 results.

The new certificates will celebrate those who achieve the highest level and those who excel by making exceptional progress, irrespective of where they start.

The introduction of the certificates is supported by the Minister’s Secondary School Principals’ Advisory Group, whose resounding message was that by the time Year 9s are sitting NAPLAN, they are bored and disengaged with the test, with many students not seeing the relevance of the exercise.

The principals were also very strong advocates for the importance of recognising learning growth as well as attainment.

The Andrews Labor Government has invested $12.9 billion into schools to make sure every student has access to a great school and outstanding teaching to help them reach their potential.

The Labor Government is building the Education State so that every student can access a great local school and get a great education.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“It’s time to change the national debate about what student success and teacher excellence look like – education experts are consistently saying we need to celebrate the students who are making progress in their learning, not just students who are high achievers.”

“We know Victorian primary school and 7 students are doing well in NAPLAN, but unfortunately the most recent Year 9 results don’t reflect what these students are truly capable of.”

“The resounding message we are hearing from teachers and principals is that by Year 9, students have done the test three times and don’t see it as useful or relevant – these certificates will help encourage students to engage with the test and show us what they can do.”

Reviewed 29 June 2020

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