Municipal Monitor Appointed To Yarra City Council

29 November 2021

A municipal monitor will be appointed to the Yarra City Council to help guide good governance and forge a strong future for the municipality and its residents.

Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane made the announcement today to ensure the council has the guidance it needs to perform its role successfully and best serve the interests of the community.

The municipal monitor will be finalised in coming weeks to assist the council in delivering good governance. The municipal monitor will also provide regular reports to the Minister on the council’s progress and recommend any further actions.

The council last week elected a new Mayor after three previous meetings during which it was unable to do so in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020, which requires an absolute majority to ensure Mayors have the support to perform their role.

Council officers have raised broader concerns with the Department about the council’s governance and its ability to make decisions in the interests of the local community, which has also been subject to widespread media coverage.

The municipal monitor will help the council to stay on track and will guide the councillors on the performance of their functions, including the appointment of a new permanent Chief Executive Officer.

The Government is committed to supporting and improving council culture in Victoria. PwC is leading the Local Government Culture Project which will support and improve council culture across the state, providing a platform for the sector to identify and take ownership of a positive and inclusive culture that will improve governance and build public trust.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane

“Municipal monitors have a good track record in Victoria in guiding councils to deliver good governance so that they can better serve their communities, who deserve the very best from their elected representatives.”

“I look forward to seeing Yarra City Council shift its focus to the priorities and challenges facing the local community, led by its newly elected Mayor and with the support of the monitor.”

Reviewed 29 November 2021

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