Morrison Fails Fair Share Test On Victorian Infrastructure

03 April 2019

On the eve of the election, the Morrison minority government has again failed to give Victoria its fair share of infrastructure funding.

After six long years of Victorians losing out to Sydney on infrastructure – the Morrison minority government has tonight confirmed that Victoria still won’t get its fair share of funding.

According to the federal budget, Victoria’s share of national infrastructure funding is only 17.7 per cent over the next five years, despite our state having more than 26 per cent of the population.

The pre-election budget has also confirmed the Liberals continue to horde away $3 billion of Victorian infrastructure funding, refusing to hand it over for projects that Victorians voted for and need.

The Liberals are keeping this funding locked for a project that doesn’t stack up, won’t be built and that the Victorian people have rejected at the last two state elections.

Between now and 2022, the Andrews Labor Government will invest $42.5 billion on infrastructure in Victoria, a stark contrast to the Morrison minority government that will only spend less than $5 billion.

The Liberals are also trying to con people living in Geelong with their fast rail fantasy.

While telling Victorians that construction on fast rail to Geelong will start within 18 months, not one cent is being made available for two years.

And for a $2 billion project, the Morrison Government has allocated less than 5 percent, with only $50 million in the forward estimates.

This shameful budget is little more than a fraud on the people of Victoria on the eve of an election.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“Another Prime Minister from Sydney has failed to deliver for Victoria.”

“The Morrison minority government is still shunning Victoria, delivering less than 18 per cent of national infrastructure funding, despite us having more than 26 per cent of the population.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan

“This budget confirms that Victoria continues to be dudded out of our fair share of infrastructure funding.”

“When it comes to Geelong, the Liberals’ budget has failed Victoria, where the funding doesn’t match their promises.”

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