More Support For Multicultural Communities In Need

27 April 2016

Newly arrived refugees, asylum seekers and family violence victims from culturally diverse backgrounds will receive the support they need to build a safe and healthy life.

The Victorian Budget 2016/17External Link provides an additional $24.3 million over four years for a range of initiatives to strengthen our cultural diversity, social cohesion and support services for our multicultural community.

An integrated and early intervention approach will support the settlement of refugees and asylum seekers across Victoria.

An additional $18 million over four years will provide incoming refugees with access to key services to support themselves and their families.

These programs will help strengthen access to education, employment and encourage the use of sports, arts, culture and community to foster a sense of belonging for new arrivals.

Language services will also be bolstered to offer an extra layer of support for families from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence found that women and children from culturally diverse backgrounds have limited access to support services and are less likely to seek assistance.

In response to its recommendations, a range of initiatives will also be developed to support women and children from different cultural and linguistic communities who are experiencing, or may be vulnerable to, family violence.

The Andrews Labor Government will invest $6.3 million over four years to better meet the needs of victims in family violence services and targeted prevention strategies for victims from culturally diverse backgrounds, by creating strong support networks and greater access to social services.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott

“This funding will help improve our cohesion, celebrate our diversity and make sure the most vulnerable within our community are supported.”

“The Royal Commission into Family Violence told us that victims from diverse backgrounds are less likely to ask for help, which is why we need to make it easier for them to reach out and receive the support they need and deserve.”

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