Mobster’s Mate Tries To Water Down Gun Laws And Fails

06 February 2018

The Mobster’s mate Matthew Guy and the Liberals have failed in their disgraceful attempt to water down and weaken the Andrews Labor Government’s Firearm Prohibition Orders, which are designed to target serious and organised crime.

In what proves once and for all that Matthew Guy is in the pocket of organised crime, the Liberals put forward, and voted for amendments that:

  • Reduce the length of a Firearm Prohibition Order
  • Limit the number of police officers able to issue a Firearm Prohibition Order
  • Introduce unworkable appeals mechanism that would do nothing but provide greater opportunity for criminals to avoid police scrutiny.

In a win for community safety and a blow against organised crime, Matthew Guy’s dangerous amendments were defeated.

These tough new firearm laws are what Victoria Police need and will be delivered by the Labor Government.

They have been described as a game changer when it comes to fighting organised crime and have always been about targeting those who seek to use or acquire illegal firearms and cause harm.

The only people who would have benefited from the Liberal Party’s changes are organised crime figures.

The Bill will now return to the Legislative Assembly for approval before becoming law.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police Lisa Neville

“The Liberal Party’s amendments to the Bill clearly prove that Matthew Guy is more concerned with protecting the civil liberties of his mobster mates than community safety.”

“Matthew Guy has shown once and for all that he is on the side of organised crime – not Victoria Police or victims of crime.”

“While Matthew Guy stands up for criminals, we will get on with delivering the laws that Victoria Police need to keep our state safe.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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