Melbourne Metro Rail Project Property Acquisition

20 October 2015

The process of notifying people whose properties are likely to be required as part of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project has begun.

Following detailed planning, engineering and geotechnical work, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority expects to acquire 44 buildings for the project, affecting 94 titles.

Fifteen of these are residential buildings, including nine houses in South Kensington, five in South Yarra and an apartment building in the CBD with 49 apartments.

The remaining buildings are commercial properties, affecting 31 titles.

Acquisitions will be concentrated around the stations and tunnel entrances.

Properties will not be acquired until formal planning approvals have been achieved, which is expected by early 2017.

While the number of properties required is lower than expected, this remains a difficult time for those whose houses or businesses are affected.

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority will be working closely, sensitively, and respectfully with all affected tenants and property owners throughout the acquisition process.

Over the coming days and weeks, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority will also be engaging with people whose properties won’t be required for the project, but will be affected by its construction.

This is a difficult but necessary step in delivering Melbourne Metro Rail – a project Victorians voted for and our state desperately needs.

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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