Media, Entertainment And The Arts Have Their Say On Gender Equality Strategy

08 September 2016

Actors, playwrights and journalists will tomorrow be among the Victorians helping the Andrews Labor Government develop the state’s first ever Gender Equality Strategy.

They will join other leaders in the media, arts and entertainment industries to help set the Labor Government’s blueprint for gender equality in Victoria.

The session, to be held on Friday September 9, will kick off with a panel discussion featuring actor Nadine Garner, comedian and TV presenter Corinne Grant, journalist Laurel Irving and award-winning playwright Patricia Cornelius.

The consultation will cover:

  • Recruitment and career progression
  • Job security and workplace structures
  • Gender stereotypes, discrimination and harassment
  • The portrayal of women in the media, entertainment and the arts

The strategy, which will be released this year, aims to embed equality in and respect for women and men within as many public and private organisations as possible and push for change at a Commonwealth level.

It is also part of the Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which found that violence against women begins with bad attitudes towards women.

Minster for Women and the Prevention of Family Violence Fiona Richardson led consultations for the gender equality strategy across Victoria.

In addition to her consultation session with media, entertainment and the arts, Ms Richardson is today holding sessions for corporate Australia and leaders for gender equality, as well as an open forum for all Victorians.

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Quotes attributable to Minister for Women Fiona Richardson

“The way women and girls are represented in society has an enormous impact on shaping attitudes and behaviours, so it’s important that we get gender equality right in our media, arts and entertainment industries.”

“Working in the arts can mean long, irregular hours and insecure jobs. We need to find a way to help both men and women to fulfil their potential in the work they love.”

“We are going to set the agenda for gender equality in this country, and we want women to lead the lives they want without being held back because of their gender.”

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