Matthew Guy And Greens Vote To Block Jobs And Housing

15 November 2017

Thousands of jobs are being put at risk and rent is set to go up across Melbourne as a result of the Liberals and Greens joining forces today to overturn planning decisions as part of a dangerous political stunt.

Matthew Guy, with the support of the Greens, are trying to block two projects that would have made homes more affordable for young Victorians and those that need housing the most.

The Labor Government worked with the Ashburton community to revitalise the Markham Estate by providing new public housing units and additional private units – close to public transport and the local TAFE.

The Government also completed planning for a residential development next to the newly-built Ormond Station – which involved community consultations and the proposal being sent to an independent panel of experts to make a decision.

Both projects create more housing near public transport for those who need it most.

However, in an unprecedented eleventh-hour stunt, Liberal Shadow Minister for Planning David Davis has united with the Greens to pass a rarely-invoked revocation motion for the residential development at Ormond Station.

The Liberals and Greens are also trying to revoke planning approval for the Markham Estate revitalisation.

While the Liberals have long tried to use revocation motions to stop critical housing, transport and other infrastructure projects, the decision by the Greens political party to back the motions makes a mockery of the principles they claim to represent.

It makes housing more expensive and makes it less likely Victorians who need it will get a roof over their head, close to transport.

The last minute political stunt sets a disastrous precedent, damages investor confidence and threatens jobs.

After all, it was Mr Guy who warned against revocation motions back in 2010, when he told Parliament “we have clearly stated we do not want to turn the upper house of Victoria into a responsible authority on every planning matter around the state”.

The Liberals and the Greens need to stop playing petty politics with planning and stop putting jobs, affordable housing and accommodation at risk for those who need it most.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“This stunt is irresponsible and makes it harder for Victorians to access affordable housing.”

“This dangerous Greens and Liberals coalition will put housing projects and jobs at risk, and drive up rental prices across Melbourne.”

“For the Greens to block residential developments at train stations makes a complete mockery of their own manifesto to see more Victorians use public transport.”

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