Let me tell you about Shebah: a new ride-sharing service run by women, for women.

09 February 2020

It was founded by George McEncroe, a single mum of four.

When Ms McEncroe realised how concerned her daughter was about her safety on the way home at night, she decided to act.

"Young women all know what it's like – they always have to check the number plates, check the rego, and keep an eye out on each other. We've all heard the stories."

"Well, this is another option for the marketplace: a service founded by women, operated by women drivers, and designed for women passengers."

And the best news?

The new ride-sharing laws we announced today give Shebah – and Uber, and London Cabs, and whatever Victorians think of next – the green light to start driving (...pun intended).

Reviewed 26 June 2020

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