Latest Fire Response Times Now Available

18 July 2019

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville today released the latest response times of Victoria’s fire services, with the full results now available online.

The latest data shows a strong emergency response from fire services across Victoria, with opportunities to improve in key areas.

The data captured a busy summer season, with the number of incidents requiring emergency responses increasing from 15,982 in the last quarter to 16,913 in this quarter, reflecting the challenging Fire Danger Period.

Figures for January to March 2019, which were published today, show the MFB responded to:

  • 93.9 per cent of structure fires within 7.7 minutes, higher than the MFB and government target of 90 per cent
  • 96.8 per cent of Emergency Medical Response incidents within 9.2 minutes, higher than the target of 90 per cent.

Overall, CFA’s state-wide compliance with the Community Service Delivery Standard currently sits at 86.4 per cent from a 90 per cent target, having responded to 7015 emergency incidents between the January to March period.

This rate is a measure of the first truck arriving on scene, regardless of brigade area, and is relevant across all hazard classes.

The March quarter figures show response times continue to vary depending on the type of environment, with brigades responding to:

  • 87 per cent of fires in medium-density urban areas within the standard response time of 8 minutes
  • 83 per cent of fires in low-density urban areas with the standard response time of 10 minutes
  • 98 per cent of fires in areas with predominantly natural surroundings within the standard response time of 20 minutes.

Up-to-date data from Victoria’s two fire agencies is now available online, giving full transparency to all Victorians to see how their own fire services meet the needs of their community.

The complete MFB data can be viewed at Link .

The complete CFA data can be viewed at Link .

Quotes attributable to Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville

“We are working to ensure our career and volunteer firefighters are strongly supported so they can continue their great work protecting and supporting Victorians.”

“All our firefighters have done an excellent job keeping Victoria safe during an extremely busy peak season. As always, I thank them for their hard work.”

Reviewed 19 August 2020

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