Labor Government To Ban Confusing Petrol Discount Display Boards

21 February 2016

Supermarket giants will be banned from displaying discounted fuel price boards outside petrol stations, under new regulations proposed by the Andrews Labor Government.

Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Jane Garrett said the new regulations will improve transparency and protect motorists from confusing information as they make decisions in traffic.

Under the regulations, to be introduced later this year, Victorian petrol stations will only be able to advertise the full price of fuel to motorists.

Currently, some service stations display discounted fuel prices which are only available to consumers if they have specific shopper dockets.

The RACV said the changes would cut confusion on the road and make it fairer for all motorists who try to find the best deal for fuel.

Market research from RACV found 65 per cent of motorists surveyed had experienced difficulty understanding fuel price boards. It also found discounted prices were often displayed more prominently making it difficult for consumers to determine the real price of petrol when driving past.

Under the new regulations, operators will still be able to advertise the special offer - such as 4 cents off fuel - but they will not be able to list the dollar amount on price boards.

All key stakeholders will have the opportunity to review the new regulations before May 30. They will kick in to effect on December 1.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Jane Garrett

“The Andrews Labor Government is introducing new fuel-price board regulations so all motorists get a fair deal at the bowser.”

“We want to make sure consumers aren’t being lured in to petrol stations by ‘cheap’ prices which are conditional on a shopper docket.”

“These changes will mean every Victorian will know exactly how much they are going to pay at the pump.”

Quotes attributable to RACV General Manager Public Policy Brian Negus

“Since the arrival of discount fuel vouchers motorists have had to deal with confusing and differing fuel price boards at the front of most service stations."

"This move banning the display of discount prices creates greater transparency and allows motorists to more easily determine the ‘real’ price at a quick glance when driving past."

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