Keep In Touch And Survive The Heat

17 December 2015

With three days in a row expected to hit the high 30s and into the 40s, public housing tenants over 75 are being urged to keep in touch, especially with predictions of a long hot summer.

Important information on surviving the heat is available at Link and the government complements this work with targeted support for public housing tenants.

Keeping in Touch is a program for older public housing tenants who live alone and is a free monitoring service that provides a safety net and potentially saves lives.

Nearly 1000 tenants are contacted on a weekly basis and during periods of extreme heat they are provided with tips and advice on keeping cool, ensuring peace of mind for tenants and families.

If the tenant does not answer after three attempts 15 minutes apart, staff will alert their designated emergency contact, who can check the tenant is okay.

The Department also implements its Cooler Places program on Heat Health Alert Days, with more than 100 air-conditioned facilities open to public housing tenants seeking relief from extreme temperatures.

To register for the Keeping in Touch program tenants should contact 1800 269 250. To find out details of your local Cooler Places program, public housing residents should contact their local housing office.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Housing, Disability & Ageing Martin Foley

“Extreme temperatures can be deadly and we need to look out for the more vulnerable members of our community at this time.

“Today the Government launched its Survive the Heat campaign, which focuses on simple steps that everyone can take to stay safe during heatwaves, including staying hydrated by drinking more water and planning activities for the coolest time of the day.

“Stay safe and look out for each other. It’s pretty simple stuff, but we need to make sure we all commit to it.”

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