Investing In Women To Keep Gender Equality On Track

07 March 2024

The Allan Labor Government is continuing to support and create opportunities for women in transport - with representation across the industry increasing by 13 per cent in the past six years.

Victoria’s public transport operators have made huge strides in improving gender equality, with Metro Trains employing the highest number of female train drivers in Australia, Yarra Trams almost tripling the number of women employed since 2009 – and V/Line doubling the number of female train drivers since 2019.

Across the public sector, representation of women in transport is at almost 40 per cent.

This International Women’s Day 2024 theme is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress – focusing on ensuring women are provided equal economic opportunities to earn, lead and learn.

In 2017, the Labor Government created the Australian-first Women in Transport program to increase the number of women and gender diverse people working in transport – aiming to remove the barriers limiting gender representation across transport.

The Women in Transport program invests in important initiatives to support and upskill women and gender diverse people through initiatives including scholarships and mentoring programs.

The program supports the Labor Government’s Gender Equality Act 2020, working to promote gender equality and break down systemic barriers that have impacted women and gender diverse people workplaces and communities.

For more information on the Women in Transport Program, please visit Link .

Quote attributable to Minister for Employment Vicki Ward

“We are continuing to invest in women and gender diversity – taking important steps to make a traditionally male dominated industry inclusive, and as diverse as the community it serves.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Women Natalie Hutchins

“We will continue to break down barriers for women so that they are provided equal opportunities – which will deliver countless benefits to our wider workforce.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Public and Active Transport Gabrielle Williams

“This International Women’s Day we’re taking a moment to reflect on the huge leaps we’ve made to not only increase the representation of women across transport but to support them to stay in critical skilled jobs. And we’re always looking at where there’s more to do.”

Reviewed 07 March 2024

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