Investing In Multicultural Small Businesswomen

18 May 2023

Multicultural women who own a small business can now connect with experts from across Australia to accelerate their success via a dedicated online marketplace, thanks to support from the Andrews Labor Government.

Minister for Small Business Natalie Suleyman joined more than 50 migrant businesswomen at an expo hosted by Migrant Women in Business, to learn about Made by Many Minds.

Made by Many Minds is a one-stop digital platform that provides Migrant Women in Business members with a range of services including legal, finance, marketing and merchandising. The platform was developed with a $150,000 grant from the Labor Government, with most of the services offered owned and run by migrant women.

Mexican-born Laura Alicia who runs her own photography business Fotografa AU is also on Made by Many Minds. A hearing-impaired photographer, Laura has established a successful business, learnt to lip-read in English and is now sharing her expertise and creativity with other migrant businesswomen through the platform.

Migrant women can face particular challenges when starting or running a small business. For Lara resident Damalie Tryan, having financial assistance through the vouchers to access services on the platform means she can invest in things like marketing and bookkeeping to help her business thrive.

Damalie moved to Australia from Uganda in 2015, and when she developed alopecia, wasn’t sure where to find an affordable wig. A self-made businesswoman, Damalie started her wig-making business after teaching herself by watching YouTube and now handmakes each wig herself, keeping them affordable for those who need them.

Migrant Women in Business is a growing social enterprise with branches in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The Made by Many Minds platform was developed with We Push Buttons based in regional Victoria.

For information or to become a business expert on the platform, visit Link .

Quote attributable to Minister for Small Business Natalie Suleyman

“The Made by Many Minds marketplace is a terrific example of small business supporting each other and it will boost our strong and vibrant multicultural woman-owned business community.”

Quote attributable to Member for Lara Ella George

"It’s great to see local migrant women like Damalie Tryan being supported by Made by Many Minds so her wig business can thrive.”

Quote attributable to Migrant Women in Business Co-Founder Luz Restrepo

"Migrant women business owners are an excellent investment. Our members are talented and resilient women, and when they are given the opportunity to learn and grow, they generate tremendous social, cultural and economic value for Australia.”

Quote attributable to Fotografa AU business owner Laura Alicia

“Having the opportunity to not only promote my business via this platform but knowing that I could also be helping a fellow migrant woman in business, is incredibly rewarding.”

Quote attributable to The Wigchic business owner Damalie Tryan

“Professional services can be expensive so having this voucher, even if it doesn’t cover everything, is a huge discount and big incentive to invest in something my business needs that I don’t know enough about, like marketing or bookkeeping.”

Reviewed 18 May 2023

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