Hot Dogs, Not Cool This Summer

05 January 2018

The Andrews Labor Government is sounding a warning to pet owners to look after their pets in extreme hot weather.

With temperatures expected to pass 40 degrees in most parts of Victoria today, the Labor Government is encouraging pet owners to take caution in caring for their furry loved ones.

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford was at Port Phillip Animal Hospital today in Albert Park to provide advice on steps to take to minimise pet stress.

Pet owners across the state are being reminded to provide plenty of cool, clean water and ensure their pets have access to shady and well ventilated areas during all parts of the day.

This is especially important for owners of older pets, pets with thick coats, short noses, or pets adapted to cooler climates as they can overheat and die on very hot days.

On a hot day, animals that require exercise, such as dogs, should be exercised in the cool of the day, not walked on hot paths or roads, and never left inside a parked car.

Never, under any circumstances, leave pets unattended in a car on hot days. Even with the windows open, a parked car can quickly become a furnace, and pets can get heat stroke, brain damage or die in as little as 4-6 minutes.

Where pets are found in situations that will result in them being in a hot car, Victoria Police should be contacted immediately by phoning triple zero. Police officers have the power to break into a vehicle to rescue an animal suffering from heat exposure.

Farmers are also encouraged to take caution, ensuring animals have adequate shelter, water and care.

Livestock should not be handled or transported during extreme heat. If this is unavoidable, people should plan ahead to avoid handling or transporting their livestock during the hottest times of day, and must schedule access to water and frequent, shady rest stops

More information about caring for animals in extreme heat, can be found at

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford

“Extreme heat causes significant stress for all pets. If an animal is in your care, it is your responsibility to ensure its safety and welfare and make sure it doesn’t suffer.”

“My message is clear – don’t neglect your pet this summer and take all necessary precautions to make sure you have a happy, healthy and cool pet.”

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