Goulburn Valley Highway Gets Road Safety Upgrade

06 April 2016

The Andrews Labor Government is investing $18.5 million to upgrade the Goulburn Valley Highway between Molesworth and Yea to help save regional motorists lives on one of Victoria’s most notorious sections of road.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan visited Yea today to make the announcement, which will see wire rope barriers installed down the centre of a 10 kilometre section of the Goulburn Valley Highway.

Tragically, this 10 kilometre section of the Goulburn Valley Highway has claimed the lives of eight Victorians and seriously injured 13 over the past five years.

Five of these deaths occurred between October 2014 and March 2015, with the majority of crashes as result of vehicles drifting onto the wrong side of the road, or running off the road.

This upgrade will prevent head-on crashes or vehicles running off the road to the right with a wire rope safety barrier being installed down the centre-line of Goulburn Valley Highway from the highway church entrance at Molesworth and Limestone Road, Yea.

The upgrade will also include additional safety measures:

  • approximately 20 openings in the barrier to cater for property access and emergency services
  • provision of additional overtaking opportunities
  • safe local access to properties
  • a left-hand side barrier at high risk locations to protect motorists from trees and steep drop-offs
  • both the centreline and left-hand barriers will be installed with motorcycle friendly treatments in higher risk areas
  • variable message signage
  • a new crossing across the Native Dog Creek on the old highway alignment

The speed limit was reduced to 80km/h in April last year due to a high number of crashes. Once the project is completed the speed limit will be returned to 100 km/h on this important Victorian highway.

Centre-line wire rope safety barrier are an important component to road trauma reduction and has been successfully implemented on the nearby Melba Highway, and many rural highways across the country.

Work on the first two-kilometre section of the project is due to start in mid-April. This is being funded as part of the Transport Accident Commission’s $1 billion Safe System Road Infrastructure Program.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan

“The installation of wire rope barriers down the centre of the Goulburn Valley Highway will help prevent head-on crashes and reduce the severity of the impact on the vehicle.”

“This will stop vehicles crossing into oncoming traffic, providing added protection for motorists from death or serious injury when a mistake is made.”

Quotes attributable to the Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes

“There have been a number of tragic accidents on this stretch of road and that’s why we’re investing in innovative ways to make regional roads safer for everyone.”

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