Getting It Done: Eleventh Level Crossing Gone For Good

The dangerous and congested level crossing at Camp Road in Campbellfield is now history – the eleventh crossing removed by the Andrews Labor Government.

The dangerous boom gates in Campbellfield have seen seven vehicle accidents in the last year alone. Now they’re gone, the 30,000 drivers who rely on the road every day will be safer, and can enjoy a less congested commute.

Businesses will now be able to truck goods in and out of Melbourne faster without being impacted by a major blockage along one of the main roads in Melbourne’s north.

Work will continue over the coming weeks to complete the kilometre-long rail underpass beneath the road, with buses replacing trains between Coburg and Upfield until the line reopens on Monday, 18 December.

When open, trains will travel under Camp Road for the very first time, safely separating vehicles from trains.

By the time the construction blitz is complete, up to 300 workers will have clocked up 100,000 hours, moving around 40 Olympic swimming pools-worth of dirt, laying 870 metres of new track and spraying 400 cubic metres of concrete along the retaining walls.

The boom gates at Camp Road caused congestion, frustration and delay for thousands of motorists every day. They were also dangerous, with one injury, a tragic death and fifteen near misses at the crossing between 2005 and 2014 alone.

The Labor Government has removed 11 dangerous level crossings and opened 12 brand new train stations, with a further 15 level crossing removals underway.

For more information about the removal of Camp Road and 49 other dangerous level crossings across Melbourne, visit

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“Today we celebrate the removal of this dangerous and congested level crossing, which will reduce congestion and ensure locals can get home safer and sooner.”

“We said we would banish these boom gates to the history books – and we got it done.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Broadmeadows Frank McGuire

“Getting rid of this level crossing will make Campbellfield a safer, better place to live, work and travel through.”

“We have not wasted any time getting rid of these street-clogging death-traps, which risk lives and hold back our train system.”