Figures Show Ambulance Services Improve In Warrnambool

01 August 2016

New figures show Warrnambool patients are receiving a quicker response from their ambulance service.

Released today by Acting Minister for Ambulance Services, James Merlino, the new Ambulance Victoria figures show significant improvement since the election of the Andrews Labor Government.

The improved performance reflects Labor’s determination to fix the ambulance crisis, left by the previous Liberal Government.

Under the last Victorian Budget, the Labor Government invested an additional $144 million in the ambulance system to make sure patients were getting the care they needed, when they needed it.

The Budget also contained a $27.3 million boost to rebuild and upgrade ambulance stations and purchase additional vehicles – giving local paramedics the modern facilities they deserve.

In contrast, in their last year in office, the previous Liberal Government were shown to be responsible for Victoria having the worst ambulance response times on Australia’s mainland.

Warrnambool City’s latest ambulance response data shows:

  • 90.0% of Code 1 ambulances arrived within 15 minutes in 2015/16, up from 83.1% in


  • The average response time to reach the scene was 10:19 minutes in 2015/16, an improvement on the 11:46 minute arrival time in 2013/14
  • The latest quarter figures are also strong, with 90.9% of ambulances arriving within 15 minutes in the three months to the end of June, up from 89.6% a year earlier
  • The average response time for the three months to the end of June was 9:57 minutes, better than the 10:23 response a year earlier

Quotes attributable to Member for Acting Minister for Ambulance James Merlino

“The figures couldn’t be clearer. The Andrews Labor Government’s commitment to improving our ambulance service means a safer and quicker response for local patients.”

“Under the previous Liberal Government, emergency wait times ballooned and patients suffered. Thanks to our investment ambulance services, that’s changing.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney

“Even as Warrnambool’s population grows, response times are still improving. It shows that at long last, our ambulance services are getting the support they need.”

“Our investment in ambulance services means Warrnambool’s patients are receiving the care they need sooner.”

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