Expert Panel To Improve Motorcycle Safety For Victoria

22 August 2016

Motorcycle safety will be at the top of the agenda when the inaugural meeting of Victoria’s Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel (MEAP) takes place today.

MEAP is a panel made up of seven rider representatives from across Victoria who will meet regularly with the road safety partners in a forum dedicated to improving the safety of riders.

The panel will meet four times a year with the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, the TAC and Victoria Police to consider the issues that motorcyclists face on the state’s roads.

The panel will use their experience and knowledge to advise on motorcycling trends in Victoria and provide insight and information that will contribute to the development of initiatives to improve the safety of motorcyclists.

Key items on the agenda will include road safety and progress on the Motorcycle Safety Levy.

The Motorcycle Safety Levy was introduced in October 2002 to provide specific funding to reduce motorcycle related road trauma.

The Levy aims to reduce road trauma amongst motorcyclists by funding projects that specifically benefit riders including infrastructure improvements, research projects and educational activities.

These projects are long term and ongoing and are important initiatives to improve motorcycle safety.

The following positions form the Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel:

  • Independent Chair
  • Secretariat and departmental support
  • Senior officer from Victoria Police
  • Once member from Transport Accident Commission
  • Seven regular members representing the motorcycle community

The seven regular members of MEAP have been appointed by the Minister for Roads and Road Safety based on their ability to represent a range of interests and to contribute to the work of the panel.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan

“We know motorcyclists are over-represented in serious and fatal crashes and it is important we do all we can to address this.”

“Advisory groups like MEAP will provide expert advice and insights to help us improve motorcycle safety and address the issues that face riders in Victoria.”

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