Expansion Doubles Port Phillip Prison Hospital Capacity

02 December 2020

A newly completed expansion of the Port Phillip Prison hospital unit will mean more prisoners will get the care they need on site, without needing to be transported to hospital.

Minister for Corrections Natalie Hutchins today announced the completion of a $20 million upgrade and expansion of the unit, adding 20 medical beds to the maximum security prison.

The expansion doubles the prison’s hospital capacity to 40 beds, providing care for Port Phillip’s total capacity of 1,117 prisoners, as well as fulfilling the prison’s role caring for prisoners with chronic and terminal illness across the correctional system.

This will enable a higher level of care to be provided on site, reducing the number of prisoners that require escort to hospital and reliance on resources in community-based hospitals.

The upgrades include new facilities to support dialysis, bariatric medicine, chemotherapy, rehabilitation services and end-of-life care, as well as new treatment rooms with telehealth capabilities and a new ambulance bay.

As well as upgrading and expanding the prison hospital additional exercise areas were constructed in accommodation units, helping to reduce movement of prisoners between units, and improve separation.

Fire management capabilities have been upgraded to improve safety for staff and prisoners and new paving was installed to improve vehicle access to the prison.

The expansion project was overseen by the Community Safety Building Authority, which delivers infrastructure on behalf of the Department of Justice and Community Safety. The project was delivered on time and on budget, in partnership with G4S, which operates the prison.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Corrections Natalie Hutchins

“This expansion will improve health outcomes for prisoners, reduce reliance on community-based hospitals and reduce the need to transport prisoners outside the prison.”

“Expanded telehealth facilities, as well as the additional hospital capacity will also deliver important flexibility to operate in a COVIDSafe way.”

“This expansion is a crucial part of building a stronger corrections system that helps keep communities safe now and into the future.”

Reviewed 02 December 2020

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