East Gippsland Land To Be Haven For Endangered Animals

07 December 2020

An ecologically significant area of land in far East Gippsland – equivalent to more than 70 MCGs worth of land – is now permanently protected thanks to Trust for Nature project funded by the Andrews Labor Government.

The area protected is home to various endangered and threatened plants and animals such as the Long-nosed Potoroo, Glossy-black Cockatoos and Coast Grey-box. The area contains a range of depleted forest types and also borders part of the Genoa River.

Property owners Virginia and Rob Fitzclarence have covenanted 146ha of their 208ha property in the wake of last summer’s fires to protect the precious habitat. The bushfires confirming to them the importance of looking after old forest areas and the animals within them.

The new covenant was secured through Trust for Nature’s Iconic Estates, Eastern Forests project, which works with landholders in East Gippsland to protect a range of forest types with conservation covenants, giving the habitat of native animals long term security. The three-year project has protected more than 250ha of land so far.

This Iconic Estates Eastern Forests project is funded by the Labor Government’s Biodiversity Response Planning program and is helping to ensure that our natural environment is healthy, valued and actively cared for.

Many of the large, old Coast Grey-box trees on the East Gippsland property were burnt and lost however some still remain and regeneration and recovery is progressing slowly.

Conservation covenants are voluntary, on title agreements allowing private landowners to conserve natural habitat on their properties in perpetuity protecting our heritage through successive generations.

Working with landholders, Trust for Nature has covenants in place with approximately 1,450 landholders covering over 70,000 hectares across Victoria.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio

“Protecting the habitats and the endangered animals and plants within them, is of vital importance. I’d like to thank Virginia and Rob Fitzclarence for this significant gift to the East Gippsland community and environment.”

“It’s vital we look after these diverse and environmentally rich habitats now and for future generations.’’

Quotes attributable to Robyn Edwards, Trust for Nature’s Gippsland Area Manager

“The covenanted property is very diverse and rich, with a high number of threatened species, and provides an important link between state forest and the Genoa River.

“Due to the fires this land is in a vulnerable state for the next few years. Having a covenant on the property means more protection for plants and animals while the slow recovery process takes place.”

Reviewed 07 December 2020

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