Drought-Proofing Facilities For Stronger Communities

13 October 2017

The Andrews Labor Government is building drought resilience in Maryborough by investing in alternative water supplies to ensure local sport and recreation facilities have access to water all year round.

Minister for Water Lisa Neville inspected the Maryborough Sports and Leisure Centre Rainwater Harvesting Project today after it received a $34,000 grant from the Labor Government.

The rainwater project includes the installation of five 22,500 litre rainwater tanks to capture rainwater to be used for the indoor pool system, used frequently as a leisure facility by the community.

This doubles the water storage capacity at the centre to 225,000 litres and delivers a sustainable reduction in the use of potable water in the pool facilities at the centre, which relies on urban water for use.

Victorian communities in the north-west region have borne the brunt of recent droughts, which have affected community sporting facilities such as, Maryborough Sports and Leisure Centre which are the cornerstone of many regional towns.

The Labor Government understands that sport and recreation facilities are important to rural cities and towns and that these facilities are often the cornerstone of local communities and a meeting place for locals of all ages.

To ensure these facilities remain hydrated and green, the Labor Government has delivered 25 projects across 11 towns, which have shared in $2.4 million from the Sustainable Water Fund – Community Sport and Recreation Program.

The projects funded include providing water security by harvesting rainwater or stormwater, using recycled water for irrigating sports fields, planting drought resistant turf and investing in water efficient assets such as synthetic grass and surfaces.

Water for Victoria, recognises the value of water to communities and the role water plays in helping sustain resilient, strong and healthy communities.

The plan highlights the need to secure water for a range of purposes – including community and recreational activities – and being ready for extended dry periods.

The Sustainable Water Fund grants form part of the Victorian Government’s $10 million Drought Support Fund announced in April 2016.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Water Lisa Neville

“This project is an example of the importance of drought-proofing leisure and sport facilities so we can build strong regional towns for the health and well-being of communities.”

“We are working alongside communities to ensure they get the support and water they need both in times of drought and ahead of the dry summer season.”

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