Design Unveiled For Southbank Intersection Upgrade

18 October 2021

The City Road and Power Street intersection in Southbank will undergo a significant upgrade to improve safety for pedestrians and drivers under designs finalised by the Victorian Government.

An extensive investigation and design process for the complex site has been finalised and a $3.8 million upgrade will be carried out that will see the footpath widened, a pedestrian crossing moved away from the busy corner and the shifting of all lanes on City Road at the intersection. These measures will create more space between pedestrians and road users.

Designs for the intersection show how a traffic island will be removed, and the crossing at Power Street shifted away from the corner, where multiple crashes have occurred this year, making it safer for pedestrians waiting to cross.

All lanes on City Road will be shifted north, and the stop line for westbound traffic pushed back, creating more room for vehicles to turn and to allow for the widening of the footpath.

An automated pedestrian crossing and sensors to trigger changes to traffic lights will remain in place to provide additional time for pedestrians to cross.

Expert teams of engineers and road safety specialists have been working on this site since May, taking into consideration traffic modelling, available road and pedestrian space, heritage-listed property, safety audits and underground utilities to develop these permanent safety measures.

These teams are currently getting on with the investigation of services under the road to relocate any necessary underground utilities before major works commence next year.

Some short-term improvements have already been made at the site, including installing concrete blocks, plastic bollards and planter boxes, signs and markings warning of turning trucks, the automated pedestrian crossing, and sensors to minimise waiting periods for pedestrians.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Ben Carroll

"We are forging ahead with the delivery of a major safety upgrade at City Road and Power Street, with the final design now complete following a close collaboration with the City of Melbourne."

"This will transform the intersection, making it significantly better for all road users and a safer crossing for pedestrians while delivering more turning space for vehicles."

Quote attributable to Lord Mayor City of Melbourne Sally Capp

"We're excited that work will soon begin to permanently fix the City Road intersection to make it safer for all road users."

Quote attributable to Member for Albert Park Martin Foley

"This important investment will make this intersection safer for locals and visitors alike. Ensuring the safety of everyone in Southbank is our priority.”

Quote attributable to Head of Transport Services Department of Transport Nick Foa

"This design offers permanent improvements to safety for pedestrians and road users, thanks to the work of engineers and road safety specialists who have been working on this site since May."

Reviewed 18 October 2021

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