Demolition Begins For Metro Tunnel And Five New Stations

09 May 2017

Major works in Arden are underway with construction crews today knocking over an old refuelling shed – the first of dozens of buildings that will be demolished to make way for the Metro Tunnel and five new underground stations.

Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan in Arden today to mark the major milestone in the $11 billion project.

The Metro Tunnel is the biggest public transport project in the country, it’s fully funded in the Victorian Budget and remains Infrastructure Australia’s highest priority.

Despite the Turnbull Government continuing to short change Victoria when it comes to infrastructure funding, we’re getting on with the job.

Since the Labor Government stepped in and fully funded the project, work has raced along, with construction now underway in Parkville, City Square, CBD North and Domain.

The demolition of the old refuelling shed begins Arden’s transformation from a decaying industrial precinct to a brand new suburb on the edge of the CBD.

Over the next 30 years, Arden will become home to 25,000 residents and more than 43,000 jobs, directly connected to the train network by a new underground station built by the Metro Tunnel project.

Building the Metro Tunnel will create nearly 5,000 jobs, and provide opportunities to hundreds of apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets through the Labor Government’s Major Projects Skills Guarantee.

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Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

“We are getting on with building the Metro Tunnel because Victorians deserve a world class train network where trains come so often you can throw away the timetable.”

“This massive project will see dozens of buildings demolished across Melbourne, making way for the new Metro Tunnel and underground stations.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“The Metro Tunnel will not only enable more trains, more often – it will create new homes, new jobs and a new community on the doorstep of the CBD.”

“The State Liberals abandoned the Metro Tunnel, the Federal Liberals keep short changing Victoria, but we’re getting on with the job.”

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