Delivering World-Class Care And A Plan For The Future

12 May 2024

The Allan Labor Government is making sure all Victorians can get the world-class care they need – delivering an unprecedented investment in our public health system and reforming the way Victoria’s hospitals are funded.

Premier Jacinta Allan and Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas today visited the Austin Hospital, which will benefit from the record-breaking $8.8 billion hospital investment in the Victorian Budget 2024/25.

Health services across Australia and the world have been dealing with rapid increases in the cost to deliver care – with costs having gone up on average 9.8 per cent every year, for the past 5 years.

We’ve also seen in a single year – the cost of medicines rise 18 per cent, the cost of things like needles and masks rise 14 per cent and the cost of utilities and insurance increase 12 per cent.

As part of the reforms the Budget delivers an uplift in the price hospitals are paid for each patient that is treated – ensuring the cost reflects what the hospital is spending on things like staff, equipment, medicines and PPE.

This massive funding boost will ensure our hospitals can continue to deliver world-class care to Victorians despite that care getting more expensive to deliver.

We will also give our health services the long-term financial certainty they need to properly plan for activity, staffing and the improvements needed to ensure the best patient care.

With this reform and investment, the Department of Health will partner with each health service to put in place plans that ensure financial sustainability into the future – without compromising patient care.

With better long-term financial sustainability comes more reliable services and a more stable workforce so hospitals can support Victorians to stay well – no matter where they live.

The Labor Government is also investing more than $1.6 billion in upgrades and expansions for our hospitals as part of the Health Infrastructure Delivery Fund.

The Austin Hospital in Heidelberg will soon have an expanded emergency department – made possible by a $275 million investment in the Budget.

The expansion will deliver up to 29 additional emergency treatment spaces, an upgraded short stay unit, a dedicated pediatric treatment zone and improved clinical administration spaces – meaning more locals can receive the care they need, faster.

Once complete, the upgrade will support an extra 30,000 emergency patients every year and give our dedicated doctors and nurses the facilities they need to deliver the best possible care.

In Epping, the Northern Hospital will undergo an $812.5 million redevelopment, delivering a new emergency department on Cooper Street, including an alcohol and other drugs hub, dedicated acute behaviour treatment space and a dedicated pediatric treatment zone, and new inpatient beds.

Once completed, the new emergency department will increase the number of treatment spaces for emergency patients to almost 200.

The Budget also invests $535 million to upgrade Monash Medical Centre delivering a new seven level tower with an operating theatre complex, a new intensive care unit, and an expanded birthing unit and maternity inpatient beds.

The three projects will also support Victoria’s construction workforce creating 3,700 jobs during the construction period.

This is a Budget that invests in our hospitals and the health of every Victorian – because this is a Budget that's helping families.

Quote attributable to Premier Jacinta Allan

“When you or someone you love is sick, there’s nothing more important than getting the best care possible – that’s why we are making this historic investment in our health system – helping families now and into the future.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas

“All Victorians know that everything is getting more expensive – that’s why we’re reforming how we fund our hospitals and helping them plan for the future to ensure our healthcare workers can continue what they do best – caring for Victorians.”

Quote attributable to Member for Ivanhoe Anthony Carbines

“We’re massively expanding the Austin – delivering more beds and a dedicated zone to care for kids, so every resident can continue to get the best care as the community grows.”

Reviewed 12 May 2024

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