Deadly And Proud On Our Path To Treaty, Truth And Justice

07 February 2021

The Andrews Labor Government is helping tell stories of Aboriginal cultures, resilience and communities as part of a new campaign that urges all Victorians to feel pride on our path to Treaty, truth and justice.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gabrielle Williams was at the NGV today to launch Deadly & Proud, which features the stories of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians such as musician Archie Roach, actor Miranda Tapsell, footballers Courtney Ugle and Tony Armstrong among many others.

The stories cover everything from the ancient eel traps at Budj Bim to contemporary Aboriginal comic book culture and are mapped to a place where each storyteller has a unique connection to the land.

Deadly & Proud is about getting more Victorians to feel pride in our shared history and continues on from the Labor Government’s Deadly Questions campaign in 2018, which answered more than 4,000 questions from the public.

Victorians can explore an interactive map at Link which was created by Aboriginal artists from organic materials found in different places across Victoria, including water from the Murray River, and ash and dirt from across the state.

The campaign is running across television, radio and print as well as through digital and billboard advertising.

The word ‘deadly’ to Aboriginal people means strong, amazing and awesome – and it’s been used in this campaign to describe both the storytellers and the stories they share.

The Labor Government is leading the nation to achieve self-determination for Aboriginal people and continues to work with the First Peoples’ Assembly to set a framework for Treaty negotiations, as well as the Terms of Reference for a truth and justice process.

Victoria remains the first and only jurisdiction to commit to both the Treaty and Truth elements of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gabrielle Williams

“Deadly & Proud recognises and celebrates the unique status, rights, cultures and history of Aboriginal communities in Victoria – something we can all be proud of.”

“The more we share the pride of First Nations people, the stronger we will be. This will only complement our unprecedented work towards Treaty, truth and justice.”

Quote attributable to First Peoples’ Assembly Co-chair Geraldine Atkinson

“We are the oldest living culture in the world and we are proud to share our stories with all Victorians as we progress on the path to Treaty, and telling the true history of this country.”

Quote attributable to First Peoples’ Assembly Co-chair Marcus Stewart

“Deadly and Proud puts Aboriginal stories front and centre, and opens the door for our fellow Victorians to come on the journey with us to Treaty.”

Reviewed 07 February 2021

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