A Cracking New Agreement On Free Range Eggs

31 March 2016

State and federal ministers have hatched a new plan to give consumers more information when buying free range eggs.

The agreement, reached today at a meeting in Canberra, will see a new a national information standard on egg labelling.

Victoria voted strongly in favour of the move which will include a maximum stocking density of 10,000 birds per hectare.

Egg producers will also be required to clearly label egg cartons so consumers can see exactly what they are paying for.

Under the national standards, the term ‘free range’ will be defined as birds having meaningful and regular access to an outdoor range.

The national approach to free range eggs follows months of work by all ministers responsible for consumer affairs across Australia. They consulted with agricultural ministers, consumers, and producers to develop the approach to egg labelling.

Under Australian Consumer Law, a ‘national information standard’ ensures consumers can make informed decisions about the product they are purchasing.

The national standards will be introduced next year.

Quotes attributable Parliamentary Secretary for Justice Ben Carroll

“Victoria has been pushing for changes to the way free range eggs are labelled to bring more clarity for consumers and the industry.”

“With a new national standard, Victorians will be able to make informed choices about how they spend their money.”

“Many people want to buy free range to support ethical industries and these changes will help them have more confidence in their choices.”

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