Connecting Clyde North Locals With More Bus Services

26 July 2022

Clyde North residents will soon welcome more frequent and accessible bus services with the Andrews Labor Government introducing route extensions and more than 30 additional stops to the suburb.

From 28 August, Routes 897 and 898 will be extended to provide coverage to the growing residential developments along Heather Grove and Pattersons Road, Clyde North.

Route 897 will be extended 2.2 kilometres down Pattersons Road to terminate at Watercolour Boulevard.

Route 898 will terminate a further 4.8 kilometres along Heather Grove, near Tuckers Road, and will also be upgraded to run every 40 minutes on Sundays.

Route 897 will be known as Clyde North to Lynbrook Station via Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre, while Route 898 will be known as Clyde North to Cranbourne Station via Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre.

The updated routes build on the benefits created by three new bus routes delivered over the past two years and will offer improved access to schools, shopping centres, and other transport options, along with other key local amenities.

Bus Route 888 - Clyde to Berwick Station via Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre, and Route 889 - Clyde North to Berwick Station via Grices Road have been connecting passengers directly to destinations like Berwick Station, Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre, Federation University Australia, Chisholm Institute, Casey Hospital and local schools since early last year.

Bus Route 881 - Merinda Park Station to Clyde North, introduced in January, is giving the community better access to train services, schools, healthcare and shops, including The Avenue and Springhill Shopping Centre.

These upgrades are part of the Victorian Bus Plan, improving the state’s bus network to better meet demand and improve services across the state.

For information visit Link or the PTV app, where you will also be able to plan your journey from 29 July 2022.

Quote attributable to Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll

“By adding more frequent and accessible bus services, we are helping people get where they need to go, whether it be school, local amenities and train stations.”

Quote attributable to Member for Bass Jordan Crugnale

“More frequent services and expanding these bus routes is great news for our growing Clyde North and surrounding community.”

Quote attributable to Member for Cranbourne Pauline Richards

“We know how important buses are to the community, which is why these important changes will ensure we are meeting local demand.”

Reviewed 26 July 2022

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