China Visit Cements Victoria’s Position As An Asia-Pacific Health Leader

04 March 2016

Victoria will play a critical role in supporting China to reform its rapidly growing health care system, as part of a new agreement that is expected to generate a significant economic boost through health workforce training.

Minister for Health Jill Hennessy met officials from the China National Commission of Health and Family Planning in Beijing to formalise the partnership, which will see a number of Victoria’s key health reforms exported to China through the China Healthcare Reform.

As part of the new partnership, Victoria has been named the project design and implementation partner in the China Healthcare Reform.

A number of key components of the Reform will be based on Victorian successful pricing, quality and efficiency systems, and will be rolled out in pilot programs in three Chinese cities by the China National Health Development and Research Centre.

The Chinese Healthcare Reform will create a significant need for training of more doctors and health professionals, leading to great opportunities for Victorian and Australian institutions and the chance to set up major health workforce training centres in China.

It has been estimated that as a result of the healthcare reform agreement, China will require an additional 300,000 GPs before 2020.

Victoria will be well-placed to capitalise on this opportunity and support China to reach this goal, by accommodating a significant number of overseas students, and through Victorian education and training organisations establishing training centres in China.

If Victoria successfully engages in workforce training in China through this agreement, and other aspects of the Chinese Healthcare Reform, more than $200 million of economic benefit for the state could be generated each year.

Ultimately, the reforms will be rolled out to more than 23,000 hospitals across China, creating significant opportunities for Victorian healthcare consultancy companies and public and private hospital operators to form partnerships with Chinese hospitals.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health Jill Hennessy

“This landmark agreement will not only see Victoria as a lead partner delivering health reform across our region, it will deliver a significant boost to our economy.”

“The reforms under way will create significant opportunities to increase clinical training and placements within Victorian institutions and set up major health workforce training centres in China.”

“Through this collaboration, there will be more opportunities to drive innovation and growth through partnerships with China into the future.”

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