Brutal Reminder To Stay Focused On Workplace Safety

25 October 2021

The Andrews Labor Government is urging employers and workers to stay focused on workplace safety as businesses begin to reopen across the state.

Minister for Workplace Safety Ingrid Stitt today announced a new WorkSafe campaign that highlights the importance of remaining vigilant to workplace-related hazards and risks – beyond maintaining vital COVIDSafe practices.

The campaign’s message is direct – “Trip Fall Break Burn Mangle Shock Sever Paralyse Kill. Some brutal reminders of why you need to keep focused on workplace safety.“

Tragically 45 Victorians have lost their lives at work since January this year – this is highest in the construction, manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

Trips and falls also remain a leading contributor to death and serious injury, with incidents this year tragically claiming eight lives.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many workplaces operate, employers have a positive duty to ensure their workplace is free from risks and hazards that may result in death or serious injury.

Manual handling continues to be the major cause of workplace injury, accounting for more than 6,400 injury claims so far this year. Musculoskeletal and traumatic joint, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries are the most common workplace injuries, accounting for more than half of all claims.

WorkSafe inspectors are working to ensure that employers and other duty holders are meeting very strict obligations to provide safe workplaces, including COVIDSafe practices, and will take action against employers putting worker’s‘ safety at risk.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Workplace Safety Ingrid Stitt

“We know the pandemic has changed how many workplaces operate and how staying COVIDSafe is vital, but it’s also important to stay focused on reducing the risk of other workplace incidents and injuries.“

“Not keeping the focus on safety can have tragic consequences –WorkSafe inspectors continue to be out in force with the power to take action against those who are putting their workers‘ safety at risk.”

Reviewed 25 October 2021

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